Personal Goals

One thing I never did for a big part of my life due to my past was setting personal goals. I’ve come to realization what I probably already knew deep inside is you need to set goals to have a meaning to it all.

Below I will note some active personal goals and goals that are always a work in process. I will cross through any of the active ones when I completed them.

I might add some things along the way but these are some personal goals examples I’m working on.

Active Personal Goals

Release any eBook
Finish adult marketing eBook
Start and finish a CPA Course
Start a marketing YouTube  channel and bring some reality
Start flying around the world, visit some people I’ve been talking to
Hang out in Asia for a while
Buy a piece of land and build a self-sustaining life
Maybe write a book

Personal Goals that are always ongoing

Trying to improve my skill-set and knowledge
Stay true to myself
Helping others through BHW, YT, Courses, Ebooks getting better at IM